Hospitality • 2018

Crisis Communications, USA

Swept into the headlines: Crisis24 helps a hospitality client that has unwittingly become the scene of a crime, and the focus of media attention.

Our risk mandate

Crisis24 was approached by a franchise hotel operating as part of an international brand. The hotel was facing a grave issue: staff had found three people shot dead in one of the rooms, and local authorities had determined the case a murder homicide. Furthermore, the assailant had been provided with a key to the room by an unknowing hotel reception staff member. The client was unsettled by the event, and concerned that the brand would come under criticism for its security policies, a concern that increased when a member of the media reached out to the international brand.

Our solutions

  • Provided immediate resources from a Response Consultant (RC) and two Crisis Communications Consultants (CCCs), including a draft communications checklist and communications to the staff and guests
  • Developed media statements to address mounting media inquiries
  • Deployed our Global Operations Center (GOC) to set and monitor media coverage via DigitalTrace, updating the Crisis Management Team of the case’s media profile

The outcome

Throughout the distressing events, the client was able to follow the guidance and protocols set out by Crisis24 experts, and avoided any reputational damage. Additionally, the international brand was equipped to respond to the media in a manner that did not escalate interest, and focus on that aspect of the incident faded as a result.