Engineering ∙ 2019

Journey Management, Russia

When a company faces a threat to one of their employees, there is no time to lose. Crisis24 answers the call for an emergency evacuation halfway around the world.

Our risk mandate

Our client was an American-based engineering and construction company with two employees deployed to an oil project in Tatarstan, Russia. When threats were made against the employees by an influential local organization, the client quickly realized that a departure from the nearest airport was not a safe or viable option. They contacted Crisis24 for an emergency evacuation of their team.

Our solutions

  • Briefed the two employees on their departure from the region to travel beyond the sphere of influence of the threat actors
  • Immediately mobilized a security team, which included a driver and an unarmed security escort with local language capabilities and expertise
  • Safely escorted the employees out of the area, evacuating them to Moscow International Airport where they could subsequently travel home without incident

The outcome

With the involvement of Crisis24, the client was able to uphold their duty of care to their employees at a time of potential threat. Armed with our rapid response and mobilisation tactics, our client’s employees were promptly and safely evacuated out of Russia within 24 hours of the initial engagement, with no harm or detriment to their security throughout the process.