Manufacturing sector • 2019

Learning to confront an assailant or active shooter, United States

The possibility of an incident involving an active assailant is a common concern for many organizations. Providing training to their staff is an effective way to prepare for this eventuality.

Our mission

A global technology provider with 130,000 employees and annual revenues of $40 billion wanted to strengthen their crisis management capabilities. They asked Crisis24 to set up a training program for the United States and Mexico, including distance-learning courses.

Our solutions

Crisis24’s multidisciplinary and multilingual team, which includes experts in crisis communication, active assailant management, cybercrime, law enforcement and trauma management, has developed the following solutions:

  • A year-long training program to build organizational resilience, both in the United States and Central America.
  • Two-day training to learn how to confront active assailants or active shooters, with the participation of local police departments.
  • A detailed Q&A session for employees.

The result

The various exercises helped to identify weaknesses and improvements that needed to be made so that our client could strengthen their crisis management capabilities. It was then possible to develop a concrete plan and establish a framework where all regional crisis management teams report to the organization’s executive committee.