Event ∙ 2019/2020

Media Monitoring and Analysis, Americas

When an event draws millions, risk can increase exponentially. At Crisis24, we believe in the power of pre-emptive action to deal with security incidents before they happen.

Our risk mandate

Each year, a client holds a large-scale, high profile event at their venue. They expect an annual turnout of over 2 million visitors, plus a large number of volunteers. In the past, they have encountered protests and demonstrations outside the venue, causing reputational damage live and online via social media exposure. They approached us with their protest concerns, as well as tasking us with the prevention of any security incidents involving guests, athletes or performers. Our primary objective? To be well-positioned to monitor any situation before it developed, anticipating potential risk and responding in a swift, timely manner.

Our solutions

  • Provided 24/7 active media monitoring and crisis management consulting support
  • Conducted thorough reviews of any key threat actors and client vulnerabilities, including in-depth analysis of social media, deep web, chat platforms, etc.
  • Compiled comprehensive daily digital reports, reviewing and sharing key indicators and situational developments
  • Created real-time notifications for key client contacts and Crisis24 crisis management consultants in the event of a significant occurrence

The outcome

With the help of Crisis24, the client could confidently preempt security incidents, relying on the information we provided to implement mitigation measures and neutralize identified threat actors. With superior tools and advanced support, our client was thoroughly equipped to address any security issues for the event and venue before or as they developed, effectively limiting their risk and operational disruption.