Manufacturing ∙ 2019

Organizational Resilience, Americas

Organizations with worldwide capacity don’t always have the integrated resilience they need. The solution? Building a tailor-made resilience program that can stand the test of time.

Our risk mandate

Our client was a global manufacturer managing over 80,000 employees worldwide. At the time, the organization was made up of highly dispersed and complex business units, but without the benefit and security of an integrated organizational resilience program. They asked us to step in to help build a global resilience structure capable of functioning at every level of the organization.

Our solutions

  • Developed a year-long training program designed to tangibly improve organization resilience
  • Delivered the new program throughout the Americas, granting widespread access to critical features like cyber ‘red teaming,’ workplace violence training and exercises, natural disaster exercises and contingency planning
  • Deployed a multi-disciplinary team with local language capabilities, including experts in crisis communications, active assailant situations, cyber security, law enforcement and trauma management

The outcome

The result was an approach to policy and plan development that resonated at the corporate, regional and site levels. Working with Crisis24 empowered confidence building across all teams involved in the decision-making process, and our thorough testing procedures ensured an effective crisis management structure and robustly resilient organization going forward.