Manufacturing sector • 2018

Threats of retaliation in Russia

The threats faced by companies are not only encountered in the field; sometimes, they are made in a meeting room.

Our mission

Due to the imposition of enhanced US sanctions against individuals close to President Putin, our client was forced to declare that they would be unable to continue supplying a Russian automotive company owned by a sanctioned oligarch. During a meeting to relay this decision, several representatives of the Russian company grew aggressive towards our client’s regional manager, and threatened to induce the Russian government to act against the employee and his company. The threats caused worry for the regional manager’s safety.

Our solutions

  • One of our response consultants advised the client on the personal security of the regional manager, and of company operations.
  • Our team prepared a threat assessment and shared their recommendations for courses of action to take in several potential scenarios.
  • Crisis24’s global operations center conducted extensive DigitalTrace analysis and background research into potential threats and threat actors.

The result

The analyses we delivered to our client helped them negotiate a mutual contract termination, which considerably decreased the threats posed to the company. We also provided a comprehensive debrief to the client’s key representatives and regional manager, which led to a better client understanding of security concerns.