University sector • 2017

A student on a research trip needs to be evacuated from Puerto Rico

While natural disasters and their impact are often difficult to predict, thorough preparation and a fast response can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your people on site.

Our mission

In 2017, hurricanes Irma and Maria hit Puerto Rico hard, devastating their infrastructure. Transportation and communication links were shut down, and local authorities were overwhelmed. In this time of crisis, a university asked us for emergency assistance to evacuate one of their students, who was on a research trip in the region.

Our solutions

The Crisis24 team put together a rapid action plan that included:

  • Intervention by experts from our global operations center.
  • Immediate mobilization of assistance partners located in Puerto Rico.
  • Logistical assistance, including with car rentals, hotel reservations and the preparation of travel documents.

The result

With real-time alerts and tracking already in place for this client, the student was able to receive the necessary support immediately. With our Puerto Rican partners, we were able to charter a flight within two hours of contact with our global operations center. In the hours that followed, our team arrived on the island where the student had been conducting her research, and proceeded with the evacuation. Everyone involved, including the family, were kept informed in real time. Recommendations on travel risk management were also provided after the incident.