Crisis24 provides global action-based security risk management everywhere our clients need it.


Actionable Risk Management

Only Crisis24 is powered by a uniquely integrated methodology and responsive approach that helps clients predict, oversee, comprehend, plan, operationalize and respond to every challenge in a timely and precise manner, anywhere in the world.


We identify and evaluate all threats and vulnerabilities to be perfectly positioned to get ahead of emerging risks.


Expertise to handle any situation

Leveraging 30 years of worldwide knowledge and capacity to provide tangible results.
Our security consulting services are customized to each client’s specific needs so they can efficiently manage and mitigate any risks.
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A leading response consultancy since 1990.

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We respond to more than 130 cases each year.

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In 2019 alone, we covered 4.7 million trips, supporting the safety of business travelers worldwide.

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From our experiences working in hostile environments and complex markets, we provide VIPs and their families with on-the-ground resources and operational expertise.

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Our cyber solutions are aligned with best practice standards, including ISO 31000 and ISO 27001.

Why Crisis24?

Drawing on real-world global knowledge and local capacity, our experts are uniquely positioned to apply intelligence, precision and speed to provide results.


The latest cases, insights, information and actions we’ve taken around the world.

Trusted by

We partner with the best to give our clients the resilience and confidence they need to act faster and more effectively.

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