VIP security ∙ 2018

Executive Protection, Americas

When VIP stands for Very Important Protection, Crisis24 steps in to ensure the safety of high-profile, high-risk individuals.

Our risk mandate

A high-profile former politician was hosting a private event, but local security personnel were not up to the task of providing adequate protection for such a high-risk operation and challenging environment. Crisis24 was approached to plan and provide professional security for the VIP and event in question.

Our solutions

  • Developed a complete security plan that combined ground assets and technology to ensure maximum protection, including:
    • Comprehensive journey management planning, a 24/7 executive protection team of 40+ personnel equipped with firearms and SUVs, and real-time personnel tracking capabilities
    • Dynamic assessments of present and potential threats before and during the event

The outcome

Crisis24 delivered professional services and protection to our high-profile client, whose event went according to plan without any disturbance or interruption. The client was able to proceed in total safety and confidence, and subsequently requested similar services from Crisis24 for another event.